Brain Regurgitation 0.014

I’m being crushed under this pressure

slowly getting pushed further and further

feeling small and weak

how am I going to not falter and let go


It’s all crashing down

peeling my skin back

leaving me raw and broken

all of me falling apart


I try to glue it all back together

but when it drys

it drys brittle

and I fall apart again


With each time I lose a little piece

As the years pass I lose more and more of myself

soon a quarter, soon a half

soon all of me


~ by lastxxx on October 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “Brain Regurgitation 0.014”

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  2. love your blog title,

    your poetry rocks..

    well presented piece,
    losing oneself is sad, but you do gain something else in return, aging produce wisdom…

    • thank you so much for your comment! it really made my day! :3
      I’ll think about the poetry rally. I really love the idea. I think I would like to have a more solid piece to put in rather than just my ramblings. =D

      • let me know which piece you wish to put in by commenting,

        this is represented as fresh poets to explore, but will not considered as an entry,

        if you wish to participate, let me know by leaving a comment, along with your entry under my post.
        hope to see you in.
        Happy Weekend.


  3. I can relate. Lovely poem.

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